G7 Football Investments has 7 years of life in football industry around the world. Aside that, its founder,

Tiago Guadagno is a brazilian agent that has been working with football more than 15 years.


Registered at CBF (Brazilian confederation), Tiago has made and participated in many big transfers from Brazil

and South America to Europe and Asia. Atually, he has a big and special partner at G7: the world champion in 1994 and former brazilian national player Bebeto. With legal, marketing and economic areas, the company has been expanded in many different states in Brazil and in different countries around the world.


G7 Football Investments has specific partners in various parts of the world.


In Germany, Evando N. Santos, a german agent and registered at the german federation, is our partner in the country. We have established a strong relationship and made a big structure and support
for our players and partners in different german cities.



Evando N. Santos

Mobil: 0151/156 222 19





Evando N. Santos

G7 Football Investments Brasilien

From left to right:

Luis Fabio Ferreira Lopes, Tiago Guadagno

Bebeto (EX-Nationalspieler), Alexey Rodrigues Dantas

Lucas Imbroinise